Protect what is important

APOCRAT secures your connected devices from unauthorised access, such as a hacker attack.
Open cameras, spying baby monitors and manipulated door locks are a thing of the past.

Sovereignty over your data

Your connected devices can only use the data that is necessary for their proper functioning. Further data is only transmitted to the manufacturer with explicit consent.
Launch: End of 2021

Your right to privacy

Various connected devices collect metrics about your usage behaviour and pass them on without your knowledge. This creates a behavioural profile of you. It's time to put an end to this.
Launch: End of 2021

Protection for your IoT devices

APOCRAT is an AI-based plug-and-play "firewall" that that protects connected devices (IoT devices/ Internet of Things devices) from being taken over from outside (e.g. by hackers) and prevents user data from being passed on to third parties without the explicit consent of the users. In this way, APOCRAT protects against data theft, intrusion into the privacy of users and returns the sovereignty over user data to where it belongs: to the individual.

attacks on networked devices per day
>10 Mio.
households in Austria & Germany use connected devices
of connected devices communicate unencrypted

Intelligent firewall for your home network

Connected devices for more convenience in everyday life have long since become a matter of course. However, these devices often have serious security gaps.

APOCRAT protects your devices and gives you comfort without compromise.

  • Device detection - APOCRAT automatically detects your devices.
  • Anomaly detection - undesired behaviour is detected and blocked
  • Privacy - ensures that your private data remains private
  • Smartphone app - for easy control customisation of APOCRAT

How it works

Plug In

Connect the APOCRAT box to a socket and switch it on


APOCRAT detects the connected devices in the home network an their normal behaviour


APOCRAT prevents unauthorised access & ensures data protection

Sovereignty over your data

APOCRAT protects you and your home from data theft. Only data that is absolutely necessary for the functioning of the system is used. Therefor APOCRAT restricts the sharing of metrics (user statistics) by the connected devices and also does not collect user data itself.

In summary, this means...

Women in bed using smartphone

Your benefit: Convenience with maximum security & data protection

Are you worried about your data and don't want to leave your devices vulnerable to hackers? Don't give up the benefits of your connected devices.

We'll make sure you don't have to worry anymore.

  • Statistics on the security of connected devices
  • Sovereignty over your own data
  • Protection from viruses and malware
  • Regain privacy in your own home

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