About us

What we act on...

Power to the people
Restore & secure privacy
Be simple, be transparent

Born in the heart of European science

In 2020, we had the opportunity to participate in the CERN-BIC Screening Week as the first students in Austria, together with students from FH St. Pölten, FH Krems and FHWN Wieselburg. CERN's aim is to give students an understanding of the technologies they have developed so that they can find new and innovative use cases for them. Because of our background in IT security, we decided to breathe new life into CERN's data analysis framework. Instead of revealing the secrets of the universe, we used the framework to bring more security and privacy into homes.

Everything has a beginning

The CERN Screening Week in Geneva ended with our first pitch for our concept. From that idea and under a different name (Halberd), we developed our mature concept, APOCRAT.

Our mission

Returning sovereignty over data back to the individual.
Sovereignty through transparency
Sovereignty through privacy and security
Sovereignty through data protection
Sovereignty through freedom of choice


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Armin Huremagic
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Alexander Jürgens
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Laura Kaltenbrunner
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