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With connected devices, living is convenient and easy - but also safe?

Broken Internet of things:
When the coffee machine demands a ransom (de)


270,000 attacks per day on connected devices

An incredible number of attacks on the internet directly target smart homes and IoT devices. Hackers try to gain access to routers or webcams, for example, in order to sell the data thus obtained or to spy on the victims. Therefore, think about security at an early stage to avoid becoming a victim of such an attack yourself.

The consequences are often underestimated

Devices become broken or can only be operated again after paying a ransom. IoT devices turn into a gateway for attackers who infect your entire network: from light bulbs to smart TVs to computers and smartphones. In addition, your devices taken over by the hacker can in turn be used to attack companies. The affected company then sees you as the attacker.

Data security with vacuum robots (de)


Smart TVs: Almost all TVs spy on their users (de)


Criminals are not the only problem

Companies exploit smart homes to expand their knowledge about their customers. They tap into data of all kinds and sell it on for profit. We protect you and make sure that your data is only passed on if you give your explicit consent.

"I don't have any connected devices at home" and why this statement is wrong


Print from the comfort of your sofa or even on the go? Great! The manufacturer is also happy. After all, he gets your printed files.

Robot vacuum cleaners:

Robot vacuum cleaners create maps of the home to navigate better. Who else gets the maps? Guess right: the manufacturer and highest bidder.

Internet radio:

This device also communicates via the internet and opens the door for attackers. In addition, your musical taste is transmitted to the manufacturer.

Smart TV:

Over 50% of households in AT & DE own a Smart TV. Based on your favourite series, advertisers can now show you personalised ads.

Voice assistent:

Your voice assistant works permanently via the internet. Unfortunately, it hears absolutely everything that happens in the room. How else is it supposed to listen to its wake-up commands?

APOCRAT prevents malicious access & blocks unauthorised data use

Privacy & data protection in just a few steps

Plug & Play principle
Set up the box

The hardware box is connected to the socket. APOCRAT scans the network, identifies IoT devices and displays them via the app.

Individual rules
Learning phase

APOCRAT analyses the communication of the IoT devices and creates behaviour-based rules. In addition, custom rules can be created.

Anomaly detection
AI-based analysis

The behaviour of the devices is continuously checked. Anomalies are detected and prevented.

Data classification
User data

Apocrat reduces the communication of the devices to the technical minimum. Further data is only transmitted with explicit consent.

Management & Control

The APOCRAT Box can be managed and controlled via the app.

Security & Privacy
Allround protection

IoT devices can be used carefree. APOCRAT ensures privacy and data protection.