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Your user-centric consent management platform for the Internet of Things (IoT)

Fit for the TTDSG and ePrivacy

Regulations such as the ePrivacy Regulation and the TTDSG create new data protection standards. With APOCRAT you are fit for all innovations.

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APOCRAT is the first consent management platform that specializes exclusively in connected devices such as digital household appliances or wearables. The focus is on the individual user, which is why we emphasize a transparent, clear and intuitive design when obtaining consent.

We know that data protection is a powerful tool for building trust, winning customers and retaining them in the long term. Use this potential with us!

Laws such as the TTDSG require explicit user consent when data is collected, stored or sent to the company from smart devices. This poses a significant risk to companies and can result in millions of dollars in damages if violated.

Graph showing the increasing risk of fines and injunctions

Users' privacy awareness grows - trust in IoT companies declines

Privacy is increasingly becoming a selling point for users and a quality feature. However, a lack of focus on privacy leads to a loss of user trust and damages the image and competitiveness of providers in the long term.

Graph showing the decreasing user trust and lost reputation

The issue of data protection has long ceased to be a marginal topic. More than ever before, it defines our corporate life and the relationships we maintain with our customers. Constantly new regulations such as the TTDSG present us with new challenges.

APOCRAT makes compliance with current and future regulatory requirements a breeze.



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Integrate networked devices and the control app via APOCRAT's consent management platform and define the design, the playout and perfectly integrate the consent screens into your setup process.

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Automatic playout of the consent Bscreens when adding a new device to the control app.

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View consents per device or device class, create reports and optimize design.

Why you should choose APOCRAT

There are many reasons to choose a user-centric consent management solution like APOCRAT. The most important ones are listed here.

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