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The turn of the year is the ideal time to start new habits. Think of January as "trial month 2023" and tackle new, perhaps previously neglected projects in the first four weeks of the year. In the area of data protection, a lot has changed since the DSGVO, and if you don't have to deal with it all the time, you can quickly lose track of things here. Until now! In our blog, both in this issue and in those before it, you will find helpful information, guidance and tips on the topics of privacy, data protection and consent management. As your privacy coach, we will help you to start the new year in compliance with the law.

APOCRAT, meet the experts

Trust must be earned, so here we provide you with some reasons why APOCRAT is the best choice for you. We work closely with Spirit Legal, a law firm focused on data privacy in the digital space, to comply with all applicable and even in-progress legal regulations. Our team puts their heart, soul and know-how into their work! Our talents are on the cutting edge and benefit from the start-up spirit.


APOCRAT behind the scenes

The team behind APOCRAT is united by their shared mission and the value APOCRAT brings to the privacy movement.

We are a member of The German Association for the Digital Economy, or BVDW for short, in Germany. In this capacity, we are present at various meetings and participate in committees to help shape digital policy. As an innovative and forward-looking company, we receive funding from The Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG). We thus make our contribution to strengthening Austria as an attractive innovation location and can use the funding to invest in the know-how of our employees. In addition, we receive funding from Austria Wirtschaftsservice Gesellschaft, or AWS, which is also awarded to innovative companies.

To Do 2023

Are you ready to start the new year with more than just good intentions? Clear goals and tasks to achieve and complete are necessary to move from planning to doing. So this year, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is Consent Management necessary for me?

  • What data do your IoT devices collect from end consumers?

  • Do I already operate consent management?

  • Does the process around consenting to my users' data processing comply with current regulations?

  • Do I have the expertise internally for clean consent management or do I need to get support?

If you can answer each of these questions with a clear conscience, then it is a matter of deriving the next measures from them. If systems and tools are already in use, play it safe and put all of them through their paces. If you encounter any ambiguities in answering them, then it is worth researching current regulations and analyzing the data sets you have collected. On the topics of consent management and legal regulations such as the TTDSG or the GDPR, you will already find valuable tips and assistance in our blog.

2023, the yea(r) for APOCRAT

Maybe you have nothing to do with IoT and still find our blog great. However, if smart devices are exactly your topic, then let's make common cause! We are the right experts, and the only experts, when it comes to getting your networked devices up and running in compliance with data protection laws. We would be happy to take time for you and let you test the APOCRAT demo. In this blog post you can already find some excerpts on how our solution works. We are currently also offering test partnerships to further develop different devices and application areas together with you. Sound good? We look forward to hearing from you!

Partner & Sales Manager: Alexander Jürgens
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